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Standing on the rocky edge of the midnight sun, 
I came with visions of grandeur wrapped with brightness, 
Seeking a golden fortune glistening through dark shadows, 
With the wing of a Tallahassee angel dipping fast!

Bewilderment slipping silently into my soul, 
Bringing terror of drowning in the rushing waves 
Rolling in from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean, 
And seeping through earthen grains of sand. 

Searching for a pastel rainbow with filtered hue 
In orderly fashion, wandering slowly from the beaches of Miami, 
Marked in the shadowy depth of all tomorrows, 
I have chosen to draw strength from life's canvas. 

Running quickly through groves of citrus, 
With sweet-smelling blossoms tickling my nostril, 
I move in determined pathways - filled with screaming longing 
To find a destiny filled with pleasure, with beauty, with happiness. 

Ever present dreams swelling with the gulf tides, 
Whisper to me in the secretive moonlight, 
And trickle through the crystal river so clear, 
Warming my heart in this bright land of flowers. 

Walking through groves of orange and yellow, 
Awakening my senses, exacting my course, 
The panther glides through the forest of green 
With a meandering seacow frolicking at water's edge. 

I awake. 
I rise. 
I kiss the sun! 

Representative Faye Culp - December, 1995


I am but one American, but I can bring to you a smile,
As I walk along your pathways mile after mile after mile,
And I behold the beauty of this great land I see,
To marvel at its mountains and explode with joy that I'm free!

I am but one American, but I'll stand up proud and tall,
To fight fiercely for our freedom and to answer the call,
To pledge allegiance to my country and to my beautiful flag,
Through even tears of adversity, I promise never to lag.

I am but one American, but through kindness I shall strive
To instill in all who come near, a great feeling of being alive!
For an opportunity is knocking on each and every door,
And my destiny awaits as my search is almost o'er.

I am but one American, but I ask each one of you to share
In that responsibility to love one another, to really show you care,
To feel the power of the oceans and the calmness of the stream,
To bask in shimmering sunsets and look upward to dream.

Yes, I am but one - but I am an American,
        very tried and very true,
And I will make a difference in this land of the red, 
        white and blue!

I am but one........

Faye Culp November 3, 1989


Feathering softly toward a streaming light,
Yet gallantly strong is my soul,
Marking the wave with my spirit,
Tilting my voice as if in song.

It is a time to move forward,
Always remembering from whence I came,
For my past is ever present,
It comes dancing gently before my eyes.

I shall be still;
I shall listen to the quiet,
To the chocolate shadows of the night,
To the bright sunlight of the morn.

A reawakening is upon me,
And I tremble at the dawn,
Seeking to lift the burden upon my shoulders,
Pausing to dream of what is yet to come.

One step is asked of me now,
One plan which lies ahead:
To reach out to each other,
To enfold, to whisper, to answer.

From the mighty force of the ocean,
To the silent cold of the desert,
We are called at this moment to stand,
One nation, one army, .......... one land. 

 Representative Faye Culp - April 30, 1995